Cordus & Sacrus

Symptoms and disordersApplication of CordusApplication of Sacrus
Headache and tension.MinimumFully with each model Sacrus.
Nape pain and discomfort.Cordus vibroFully with each model Sacrus.
Neck instability.Not applicableFully with each model Sacrus.
Cervical osteochondrosis, pain, severity.Cordus NewFully with each model Sacrus.
Pain and tension in the neck area.Each Cordus, locallyFully with each model Sacrus.
Shoulder pain and discomfort, shoulder pain.Cordus NewSacrus is placed under the nape of the shoulder blade for a more comfortable procedure.
Intercostal neuralgia, chest blocks.Cordus NewSacrus is placed under the nape, in the area of projection of the solar plexus and under the waist, for a more comfortable procedure.
Discomfort, lower back pain, bulging, dyscalgia.Each of the models helps.Compulsory landing of the pelvis as a source of stress in the lumbar region.
Bulges and hernias in the lumbar, thoracic region.Stronger impact with Cordus.In addition, you can use Sacrus in the waist area.
Bulge and hernia in the cervical spine.Cordus 2019Pathogenic linkage cause is better eliminated by Sacrus.
Various disorders in the pelvis, sacroiliitis, m.piriformis syndrome, curvature of the tail bone, etc.Minimally helps with m.piriformis syndrome.Sacrus correction and relaxation of m.piriformis is provided.
Knee pain.partlyFully suited for local knee unloading and mandatory pelvic unloading.
Sexual health.Helps men moreIt effectively and significantly helps both men and women, especially in improving reproductive function.
Scoliosis, distorted posture.Helps good posture correction.It directly influences the key causes of the violation of the posture – improper position of the pelvis and impaired fit of the skull.
Muscle pain in the legs and feet.partlyIt directly affects the key causes of leg disorders – imbalance of the pelvic ligament apparatus and impaired skull attachment.
Exercise of the chest muscles to improve respiratory function.Partially, painfulYou can lie with your chest bone on Sacrus, gentle and sufficiently worked, and restore the balance of the rib-joints, relaxing the diaphragm during abdominal breathing with Sacrus.

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