Sacrus and Cordus

Here you will find the world's only exclusive and innovative solution to problems such as sciatica, radiculitis, discopathy, disc herniation, back pain and more, using CORDUS & SACRUS devices - a unique Russian technology designed to alleviate and correct various problems on the back and waist without drug therapy or surgery.

Mechanism of action of

Sacrus and Cordus

Advantages of

Sacrus and Cordus

Eliminates the spasm of the deep muscles of the spine
Cordes & Sacrus are developed by scientists and doctors of restorative medicine
Significant changes after 3-5 sessions

Affordable price for every family


methods of treatment


Soft and simple.
Need to pre-register.
Price for a procedure - 100 BGN.

Massage armchair

Fashion item.
Takes a lot of space.
High price.


Fast and cheap.
Does not eliminate the cause of the pain.
A doctor's prescription is required.

Manual therapist

Expensive and time consuming.

Robotic tensioners

Reduce pain.
High price.
They create instability.

Kuznetsova Applicators



Do not eliminate muscle spasm.

Magnetic therapy devices

Improve blood circulation.
Do not eliminate muscle spasm.
High price.

Express test

Assess your condition

Get free advice on the treatment of discopathy, hernia, scoliosis or facet degeneration of the joints.