Cordus Pro and Sacrus Phisio


Cordus Pro and Sacrus Phisio

reinforce each other's effect

With the simultaneous use of Sacrus and Cordus, two areas are treated simultaneously, both spasms are removed and the spine is stretched. This complex therapy leads to faster and more efficient results.

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How do

Cordus Pro and Sacrus Phisio work


Pain relief

Overstretched muscles of the back, neck, lower back pain are the reason for the occurrence of hernia, projections, osteochondrosis and curvature of the spine. Sacrus works on the area of the sacrum and the base of the skull, the cordus of the neck, the chest and the lower back.

The procedures lead to a feeling of vitality or complete relaxation. Possible reduction of stress.

Stretching of the spine

Both devices lift the spine, allowing it to stretch. This increases the interstitial space, helps reduce hernia.

The spine is able to recover, you just have to help it.

Stress Relief

Negative emotions and stress are sealed in the muscles of the back. This is confirmed by numerous studies in the field of psychosomatics. Sacrus relaxes the muscles of the waist and the base of the skull, and Cordus relaxes the muscles of the neck and back.

In some cases, the relaxation is so intense that catharsis is being experienced.

Strengthening the result

The treatment session is best done before bedtime. It is also necessary to do strengthening exercises (described in the instructions). Unloading allows the spine to begin to recover. Internal systems, after relief from pressure and compression, return to a healthy mode of operation. After the therapy session, you should perform strengthening exercises (these are described in the instructions).

Helping yourself is never too late!

Mechanism of action of

Cordus Pro and Sacrus Phisio

Regular procedures

are not only capable of removing the accumulated tension in the vertebrae and discs

Over 68% of people

no longer feel existing diseases in the spine

Begin treatment of your spine now to prevent the further development of existing convexity, hernia, scoliosis or facet degeneration of the joints.

In the end, neglected cases are much harder to treat, and sometimes with surgery.

Cordus Pro and Sacrus Phisio - It's Not Only complex therapy, but quality of life.

Stress relief and fatigue - enjoy life.

In what cases does the

Cordus Pro and Sacrus Phisio help

The Sacrus and Cordus spine devices are an universal system to correct spinal, back and neck problems at home.
Sacrus is able to restore the natural position of the vertebrae under the base of the skull. This allows you to get rid of the dizziness and migraines.
Cordus & Sacrus remove sciatic nerve pinching. The nerve is pinched mostly by a spasmodic pyriformis muscle. The devices are able to release it.
Cordus & Sacrus is specifically designed to treat low back pain, hernia and bulges. It stretches the spine and relieves muscle spasm in this area.
Cordus & Sacrus will help with pain, hernias, bulges and osteochondrosis in the lower back. It is necessary to use side L. The device will relieve muscle spasm and stretch

Why Sacrus & Cordus is

the best solution?

Cordus and Sacrus cost less than therapy with a professional therapist. Manual therapies or osteopaths (cost BGN 100 per session!).

Cordus & Sacrus will reduce your medical expenses at times. And it will give you the opportunity to independently remove many dysfunctions in the spine.

One of the best in the world. Only a few medical simulators for the spine can help to achieve such a result.

Developed by a team of specialists. Consisting of neurologists, physiologists, rehabilitators and osteopaths.

Autogravity therapy method.. Most important is the use of body weight and the special design of the devices.

Parameters of

Sacrus Phisio

Sacrus Phisio has fully automated software. It is enough to turn on the device, using the power button, to place it under the desired segment of the spine and Sacrus Phisio will perform the whole procedure.

1.Vibration at a frequency of 8-15 Hz helps to relax the deep muscles completely, especially in the waist and neck. This allows to accelerate the process of relaxation of muscles and joints and eliminate their imbalance with fewer procedures. Therapy of the problem areas becomes more comfortable.

2. The vibration at a frequency of 20-28 Hz is applied at the end of the correction of each segment and restores muscle tone. This is necessary to restore and strengthen the balance and tone of the muscles of the spine.

Sacrus Phisio has built-in rechargeable, rechargeable batteries that come standard with a cell phone charger within 3-4 hours. The charge lasts for 3 weeks or 10 sessions.

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